Kate Moss and Johnny Depp

Ya know love kinda sucks…. Recently I’ve heard a lot of people say “fighting is good” and I was beginning to think okay, well I guess it’s okay if we fight, just means we’re consistently tryin to work through our shit. Now I don’t know so much. I get sick of having the same damn fight, and to a certain degree people don’t change. Doesn’t mean I’m not good enough, or he’s a bad person, just means it’s not meant to be.

Right now I guess I feel okay, with my friend-friend, I just really hate Valentine’s Day and uncertainty… I’m hyper-organized. Constantly wanna know what the deal is, planning things etc…

Anyway, I’m digress, totally rambling and not making any sense whatsoever.

I thought Kate Moss and Johnny Depp are in every way a fair representation of my love…


Kate Moss and Johnny Depp. I loved them together. No other words necessary.

~I’ll have more couples in love posts next week for the Valentine Style series!







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