Celebrity Twitter Pictures

Becka Diamond and Krystal Simpson… Playing dress up in LA

Idris Elba has good genes… Yep that’s his Dad, your children could have beautiful cheekbones and Idris’ intense glare… I digress


Here’s Idris, before some football (soccer match) Idris is British born I believe and Sierra Leonian and Ghanian in heritage.

Now I know you’re thinking…. “This bitch isn’t a celebrity” I know, just a very loosely used term for all of these people meta data. Lay off. Anyway, the strangest thing to me about Snooki is her mouth. She has the smallest mouth and weird lips, if I look at them too long I totally freak out. Grotty. She displays them below.
Oh and I blame the Olsens for all this puckering shit. Now half of American women are doing it in drunken girls night out photos. It’s really annoying and I doubt half of them even know where the damn pucker thing originated uggggh.
Beyonce and Marjorie Gubelman. At Jay Z’s grammy brunch. Ummm I don’t like Beyonce in make-up. I don’t know who does it but it rarely looks right… Lips are too bright, can see her under eye cream. I’m hoping she’s doing this shit herself, cuz it looks super amateur. She’s a gorgeous girl. Why so much makeup? I always like her super plain.

HOW GORGE IS BEYONCE KNOWLES??? Here is the First Lady of hip hop  (and everything else) at her husband's Grammy brunch today. PS. I'm sure  this pic just made Marjorie's day.

Jaime King, Rosario Dawson and Jessica Alba… All look super cute, minus Rosario’s hair, but I’m just gonna assume that’s for some sort of movie role or something. My kind of girls, all this make-up nonsense like Beyonce above is totally unnecessary.

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