Natalia Bryant Sold Girl Scout Cookies to Obama and Biden

You can’t see me right now; but,  just know I’m totally rolling my eyes.


I miss Chick Hearn I don’t wanna hear shit like this when I’m trying to watch the Lakers on whack ass KCAL, and I hate it when they’re on FSW too, because there’s this sportscaster I knew (know)…. But anyway FML he doesn’t matter. Point is I blame Vanessa Bryant for all of this apparently she and Kobe Bryant too their daughters back over to the White House, the day after the whole team had met Obama. And Natalia waltzed into the Oval Office and sold Obama girl scout cookies and subsequently Biden.

So yea this is what I learned while watching the Lakers play the Sixers this evening, had to get pack on the laptop to share this all with you.

Blame Vanessa. I do.


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