My Forever 21 Picks!


This picture is old… But I love it; because, it’s not trend heavy. Could keep all these pieces forever.

And remember when I said I got rid of pretty much everything in my closet…

Well I ordered the Joe’s Denim Leggings and I already have a pair of the Lululemon leggings. I also picked up a Mike + Chris Leather Hoodie at this past summers Barney’s Warehouse sale. It had a relatively small rip and needed a new zipper. So I got an $1800 jacket for $40 and spent $25 fixing it and it looks perfect. I also bought this pair of Alexander Wang boots, a bit ago at Barney’s.

Anyways, I decided I get too bored with sweaters to spend too much money on just one. I spied a bunch of sweaters at Forever 21 this past weekend, and have decided to go online and order like 10 sweaters. Forever’s shit doesn’t last very long; but, if I literally have 10 of them, that will cost about $300… I can just dispose em all at the end of the winter! I live in LA, doesn’t get THAT cold.

So here are my picks!

Fringe Trim Sweater Cardigan $29.80 Color Block Cardigan $32.80

Fonda Striped Cardigan $24.80

Mixed Yarn Cardigan Sweater $24.80

Heritage 1981 Patterned Cardigan w/tie Belt $32.90

Sleeveless Fringed Cardigan $24.80

Textured Sweater Cardigan $19.80

Chamomile Sweater Top $26.90

Cozy Crochet Cardigan $24.80

Knitted Sweater Cardigan $17.80

The LF Stores warehouse sale is sometime in December so I’ll pick up tons of knit tops there. They are $6.oo!


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