A Guide for the Married Man

I love comedies from the late 60’s, just watched A Guide for the Married Man didn’t disappoint, it’s filled with random cameos…. Inger Stevens is awesome in the movie, like most of the female characters of that time she played an unassuming extra hot housewife , also tragically like other female actresses of her time, she died of a prescription pill overdose. So ironic lots of 60’s starlets died tragic deaths in their mid thirties. Inger is more interesting that most in my book, she was Swedish and secretly married to Ike Jones, the first black graduate of the UCLA Film School, I bet he’s an interesting guy…

I love 60’s censorship. The couple had to sleep in separate beds; but, she’s on the bed closest to the camera doing glute raises, I guess wtf?


Paul Manning (Walter Matthau) discovers one day that his dear friend and neighbor Ed Stander (Robert Morse) has been cheating on his wife. Curious, he asks Ed about it and is given the history and tactics of men who have successfully cheated on their wives. With each new story and tactic Paul can’t help but notice the attractive blonde who lives nearby.

Although Paul gets close to cheating on his wife he never does go through with it. In a scene near the end when he is in a hotel room with another woman he hears sirens approaching. He panics and waits for the police to open the door only to find the police going to the room next door where his friend Ed is in bed with another woman. Paul takes this opportunity to flee the scene and run home to his beloved wife (Inger Stevens).” via wikipedia


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