Pictures of Cuba

Currently obsessed with all things Cuban: 50’s cars, vibrant colors, various types of architecture, lots of windows, courtyards, covered exterior hallways, women smoking cigars in the street, the CLOUDS… Oh my. I recognize, a lot of Cuba doesn’t look like the pictures I’ve posted. I’m highlighting the positive…. and acknowledging the things I hope to help change one day.

I bet she gives poignant unsolicited advice.

Wouldn’t you love to be here by yourself, and maybe just read a book for a little while…

Beauty out of necessity. This would be a fun project for an auxiliary or guest bathroom floor. Slowly collecting the tiles…

The color of the water and the clouds are perfect.

I really want to meet this woman! I can see her massive personality.

Love the 50’s cars painted in funky colors. So funny that here it’s cool to have a nice black car and there, color is much more acceptable. Although probably wouldn’t look as cool on my car. Would definitely clash with the Obama sticker.

These stairs have years of faded/peeling paint, wish I could see the rest of the building or what’s left of it, maybe it’s part of a bombed building…

The clouds make for beautiful sunsets. This sounds horrible but the most beautiful sunsets happen in Malibu and along the LA coast when there are wildfires in the area. I always feel guilty for enjoying them.

Her necklace! Reminds of a Gemma Redux piece.

all images via flickr

2 responses to “Pictures of Cuba

  1. Carmen Gutierrez-Bolger

    I left Cuba at the age of five and returned for a short visit in my forties to visit my very old uncle, aunt and cousin who live off the Malecon. While there, my driver told me that many tourists ask if the broken down buildings were a result of bombing (just as you reference)…we laughed. No, they are a result of Fidel.

    • Sadly, that makes perfect sense…

      I’ve never been to Cuba, but it’s definitely on my bucket list!

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